From the BeamRider mechanics the MAQA line marking machine was born!

Pairing technology and practicality to deliver savings in both labour and time, the pioneering MAQA line marking system uses GNSS technology to reduce the time it takes to initial mark by a massive 75%! Athletics tracks and circles have never been easier.

Key Features

  • Allows multiple users to be created
  • Individual marking profile for each user
  • Manage site list
  • Lithium battery with docking station
  • Control panel tablet
  • Mapping of new sites using satellite imagery
  • 80 PSI diaphragm pump
  • Download data in csv files for further analysis in excel
  • Download up-to-date templates
  • Available for hire
  • Increased productivity by allowing you to see total time marking metres
  • Mark in manual and GNSS mode


MAQA In Action

The MAQA marker can be used with the e-ROK making it the fastest GNSS machine available today. The real life application of autonomous marking is not yet at a level of productiveness to be comparable to the MAQA system. The MAQA line marking system capitalises on human efficiency and technological advancement.

The MAQA Licence and User Agreement makes the most advanced line marking technology accessible, there is no on-off large payment, rather a customer proven deal that ensures a more inclusive package. MAQA Marker customers have a lifetime guarantee that includes fair wear and tear on all parts. There are no hidden costs, all templates, software updates and reissues are included.

  • MAQA System uses GNSS technology to reduce the time it takes to initial mark by 75%
  • Friendly and simple to use User Interface.
  • All controls easily accessed from handle bar mounted tablet, including ability to recirculate marking fluid within the system; easily removing air locks.
  • Over 250 templates available.
  • Tablet stores previously marked pitches to allow easy over marking year on year.
  • Patented self-correcting automated arm, accurate to within +/- 1cm.
  • Automatic Nozzle turns on and off according to line position, with enhanced end of line cut off.
  • Patented anti-blockage system – The Flozle, allows the user to flush just the nozzle tip using the secondary water pump, eliminating the need to perform a full system flush at the end of each marking day.
  • Removable Lithium Docking Battery, to enable the battery to be charged away from the machine.
  • Adjustable pressure system to control paint usage more accurately.
  • Automated flush programs at the touch of a button to ensure pipework is kept free of paint build up.
  • Management system to monitor productivity, store marked pitches, design tool, usage rates and many other features
  • No hidden costs outside the contract. No RTK correction signal fee, no sim costs.
  • Free software updates.
  • Guaranteed for life! With a team of dedicated hardware and software engineers on hand.
  • Can be mounted on E-rok.
  • Many finance options available.
  • COG Drum System provides more environmentally friendly approach, re-using bespoke COG Drum time and time again, saving wastage and the planet!
  • The COG Drum is easily connected to the machine and then inverted, meaning all the marking fluid can be utilised.
  • Fleet arrange delivery and collection of COG Drums at no extra cost. When returned they are washed, sterilised and then re-filled. At the end of their life they are then recycled to make new COG Drums.
  • Clean marking system, eliminating spillages, with no mixing required. Marking fluid is ready to use.
  • Unique shape and design of the COG drum eliminates need for any wrap during transport; using only 1 strap to secure to a pallet, providing an estimated saving of over 50 tonnes of plastic wrap per year.