If you believe you have found paint equivalent to our Fleet paint, sold with the same conditions, but at a price lower than we sell our Fleet paint, we guarantee to beat that price. The term “equivalent” paint means a UK competitor paint product:

a. which has been publically available for purchase for at least 3 months prior to the time of your purchase;

b. sold at the price you are requesting we beat for at least 3 months prior to the time of your purchase; and

c. which in comparison to our Fleet paint has the same or better:

d. Whiteness as shown on a reflectometer, measured in Rws

e. Opacity as measured in % of hiding power

f. rheological properties.

We will beat the price of any equivalent paint provided:

a. you submit your price guarantee claim within 10 days of any quote for Fleet paint or delivery of Fleet paint;

b. the volume of equivalent paint in our competitor’s quote is similar to the volume of Fleet paint delivered to you or subject to a quote issued by Fleet;

c. the competitor provider is environmentally responsible and hold environmental standards equivalent to Fleet.

You acknowledge that we may ask you to produce evidence to substantiate your price guarantee claim and this may include providing a sample of the paint.

In order to issue your price guarantee claim, please send a copy of the detailed quote to:

Fleet Line Markers Ltd, Fleet House, Spring Lane Industrial Estate, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR141AT

This guarantee only applies to products brought directly from Fleet, for more details please email sales@flmuk.com
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