Patent Update May 2019

The EPO (European Patent Office) are having a hearing in September, to hear the challenge by Swozi AG to the Beamrider granted EP Patent No. EP3045998.

This is a Patent that has been granted to Beamrider for the actuating marking arm.

Available for demonstration!


This will be featured on the new COG Aline Marker which uses Fleet's COG drum system.

Available for demonstrations now, contact our sales office today on 01684 573535 to arrange.

MAQA GNSS guided line marker with NO DEPOSIT!

* Wear and Tear covered free of charge – we will swap out/ fix the machine

The MAQA has been the go to GNSS/GPS guided line marker since it's official launch in 2017. Fleet are now offering the system with NO DEPOSIT... meaning no heafty upfront charges. Customers pay the monthly charge of £228.17 and the usage of 1p per metre marked with NO MINIMUM CHARGE.

The option will give even more customers access to GNSS guided marking saving time and labour in initial and over marking situations.

Contact our sales office today on 01684 573535 to organise a demo and discuss direct debit options.

Kombi line marker for £5 per week


* Wear and Tear covered free of charge – we will swap out/ fix the machine

Contact our sales office today on 01684 573535 to discuss direct debit options.

Patent Update

Fleet makes large investments in R&D, and legal action will be taken against any person or company which infringes any of Fleet’s intellectual property.

Patent News


Fleet and BeamRider are the most technically advanced innovative Companies in line marking, who manufacture and supply laser guided line markers and GNSS guided line markers.

We are very proud to have many patents granted and more in the process of being granted.

BeamRider hold a granted EP Patent No. EP3045998 for the actuating marking arm.

Swozi AG has challenged the validity of this patent and this will be debated at an EPO (European Patent Office) hearing.

BeamRider have been advised that this is a particularly strong patent and expect it will be upheld.

We take our patents very seriously and because of the revenue received directly and indirectly from them means that the Fleet and BeamRider product range, including paints, are continually making the Grounds person’s job easier, more cost effective, as well as improving quality.