We Use Cookies

Fleet uses features with web 'cookies'. They are pieces of useful information downloaded to your device whilst browsing our website. Fleet collect cookies for varying purposes but they can't be used to identify you personally.

Cookie Types We Use

  • Session automatically expires after every usage.
  • Persistent is kept for 180 days. So you may not have to fill-out the same forms again.
  • Third-party tells us how visitors behave whilst browsing our site as well as delivering the latest news and updates via our web widget.
  • Your Privacy Options

    We have classified our cookies according purpose. They are essential, analytics, support and feeds. Select classification(s) you are happy for us to use.

    Category Type Purpose
    ESSENTIAL SESSION, PERSISTENT Manages web traffic and recalls user preferences.
    ANALYTICS THIRD-PARTY Collects statistical data, such as times you've visited a specific page, for marketing analysis.
    SUPPORT SESSION Provide users with real-time sales and technical services through attending your online enquiries.
    FEEDS THIRD-PARTY Access to latest updates such as events, promotions and more.

    Browser Block

    Our use of cookies may differ from others. And our cookies are chosen to perform according to specification. So, if you feel like some of our website features are not present on your browser, check your browser's cookie settings. Make sure they are not blocked.

    Contact Us

    Should there be any further enquiries, comments and suggestions, please feel free to reach us on details listed here.